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This post contains review about WIG! Yes, wig! The last time I post wig review is for Irisviel von Einzbern from Fate/Zero. It's been months! phew~

Recently Lolita wig has become a trend around cosplayers in the world, including Indonesia. The Lolita wig I talk about is from a taobao shop called Manreally (you guys should check out their shop because they have many beautiful wigs). It was very tempting seeing how pretty and cheap their wigs are! And here I am, I ended up buying one wig from them. To tell the truth, I originally wanted to buy 3-4 wigs but I had to stop myself because I would rarely use the wigs. Haha.

This is the wig that I bought. It has some kind of grey and a bit of yellow-greenish (?) color on it. I cannot describe the exact color, so you can see it for yourself.

No, the wig does not include the glasses. Instead, it came in a box.

This is my first time buying taobao wig that includes box like this one. It's nice tbh, because the box will prevent our wig from deforming due to shipping, etc. Also, there are Kotori and Umi picture on the box. lol~

Although Manreally provide a sturdy box for storing the wig, they does not have any brand tag attached to the wig. But, who cares for brand tag nowadays? At least I don't. Haha.

My first impression when I touched this wig is "wow, so thick!". The wig is so thick that the wig cap won't be seen when you are wearing the wig. However, the thickness may also make your head look bigger. Therefore you may consider to trim some layers to make the wig thinner. Oh, also, the fringe is long (below my eyes area). This is good, so you can cut it according to your liking.

The wig cap is around regular to large size. As usual, you still can adjust the size yourself.
Wig parting
The fiber of the wig is soft and easy to comb. Be careful when combing since it has curls on the bottom parts!

I actually a bit disappointed due to the real wig shape. As you can see the actual wig shape is kinda different from the catalog. I need to put extra effort to style this wig so it will resemble the catalog picture. What a burden :<

As for the color, it does not differ much from the catalog. The wig is made from different strands color too. And I like how they put gradation on the wig!

Tell me, you cannot take your eyes off of the shininess of the wig, can you? Yes, the wig is a bit shiny as you can see, since the photos are taken using harsh camera flash. The good thing is it is not that shiny under natural light. So, don't worry :D

Another thing that I notice is the wig strands do not fall easily. Wow! I don't expect such thing to be honest. When you brush the wig, some strands may fall, but not that much.

+ has a box!
+ nice color gradation
+ thick
+ soft fiber and easy to comb
+ the strands do not fall easily
-  A bit shiny
- you have to re-style the wig shape

Color & Design 4/5
Texture & Shine 3/5
Thickness 5/5
Price 5/5

OVERALL: 4.25 / 5

Well, I guess that's all my review for today.
Thanks for reading! ヽ(○´∀`)ノ♪

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